AB Soap Studio at Mount Usher

Natural Luxury Soaps and shampoo bars handcrafted in Ireland for those who like to keep clean with style.

We bring clean style to your life, and nature closer to you.

Once upon a time, A and B lived in the same town. Both loved books, pictures and musical instruments, colours, shapes and sounds. They were brought together by word games and mind tricks and played in nature, gathering sun, shells, herbs and seaweed.

Having experienced so many meaningful moments, and realising they had to capture and share them with others, A and B found a way to spread powerful messages in the purest way and started to build their own shapes, colours and forms to tell stories, describe mysterious worlds, and capture fleeting moments, reflecting life through the prism of their imagination.

Smell the scent? Feel the warmth of the water, the silky smoothness of the lather, the nourishing richness of the oils? It is soap, an intimate piece of art made from the best we have found in nature.